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Workshopping to Improve Your Writing at Writers Victoria

It\’s official, Writers Victoria\’s 2021 Season 2 Program is out now!

The July to December program is a smorgasbord of author run events and digital feedback clinics, as well as online and in-person workshops.

See the 2021 Writers Vic program for information on all events, including mine 🙂

Workshopping to Improve Your Writing with Emily Brewin:

\’Writing doesn’t have to be a solitary pursuit…
Workshopping is a great way to meet other
writers and to develop your writing. Discover
the ins and outs of giving, receiving and
applying constructive feedback. Learn how to
create a safe, creative workshopping space.
And, have a go at workshopping your own
writing in the practical component of this
session. Participants are encouraged to bring
800-1200 of their own words to share

I\’d love to see you there!

Writers Victoria supports and connects all types of writers at all stages of their writing careers. Find out more about their courses and workshopsmagazinementorships or manuscript assessments.

For more information on my writing services, click HERE.

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