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Emily Brewin Copywriting: Open for business!

Are you looking for a Melbourne copywriter to craft compelling content for your business?

Look no further!

Emily Brewin Copywriting will help you create clear, targeted content, designed to attract new customers, build business and boost your brand.

I am a communications specialist and copywriter who has written for the arts, business, government and education sectors. I have published two novels, both with Allen and Unwin, and worked as a journalist, teacher and writing instructor.

In short… I’m a wordsmith who is adept at tailoring content to meet the specific needs of your business.

With powerful copy on your side, you’re guaranteed to engage and connect with your customers, making them feel valued, secure and understood.

Who wouldn’t want copy that reflects their brand and meets their key objectives?

Whatever you’re copywriting needs, I’ve got your back. It’s my job to make words work for you!

For more information about my copy writing services, go to emilybrewincopywriting

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1 thought on “Emily Brewin Copywriting: Open for business!”

  1. Hi Emily
    My name is Peter and I am a facilitator and teacher as I teach Certificate IV and Diploma in building and Construction Management which I have done for nearly 21 years with the same organisation
    I feel your pain and I am sorry that you are leaving the industry as I am too
    The education industry needs people like us but we are being driven away
    Your comment about participants not turning cameras on is so true
    I have 18 participants (adult) in my class and I have two that turn on their cameras
    The young people of this world need people like you and I
    I totally understand how you feel
    You are a trooper

    All the best



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