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Open call for submissions – manuscripts!

It’s time to give it up people… Type that final sentence, sort out that wonky formatting, write a killer synopsis and press SEND.

With the beginning of the new year, notable publishers have issued an open call for submissions (see below) and it’s your chance to throw your hat or, even better, your unpublished manuscript, in the ring.

But before you submit, take heed of these golden rules:

  1. Check the publisher submission guidelines!
    Make sure the publisher is the right fit for your book, and format your work according to their requirements.
    * Note: Most publishers these days want electronic copies of your manuscript. I know typewriters are hip and groovy, but it’s time to get digital.
  2. Make sure you’ve redrafted your work until your fingers are falling off, and DON’T under any circumstances send a first draft. A first draft is for your eyes only. Like that diamante spangled rah-rah skirt you kept from the 80s, it’s best kept to yourself…
  3. Use spell-check, a dictionary, your former English teacher if necessary to ensure your spelling and grammar are up to scratch. This tip comes first-hand and direct from a speller un-extraordinaire (not sure that’s a word, but you get my gist).
  4. If possible, have a trusted reader read your story first. It’s amazing how much objectivity you lose when working on your magnum opus. Especially if it’s been YEARS in the making. A fresh pair of peepers might just make the difference.
  5. And finally, before sending, kiss your manuscript for good luck (see pic). Admittedly, this is more difficult when forwarding it via email, but give it a go. Getting published is a combination of talent, hard-work and, of course, pure fluke.

Open call for submissions – publishers

Affirm Press

Affirm Press is an independent Melbourne-based publisher dedicated to publishing great Australian stories, big ideas, and the most engaging local and international authors.

They consider all genres as long as the book is a good fit with what they do.

Affirm Press is currently accepting submissions on the first Monday of each month. Submissions received outside this window will not be assessed.


Ventura Press
Ventura Press is one of Sydney’s leading independent book publishers. Synonymous with high-quality titles and internationally respected authors, they publish a broad range of engaging fiction and non-fiction books – each with the aim of enhancing the lives of readers. 

Ventura Press is currently accepting submissions on Fridays only.


Bad Apple Press

Bad Apple Press believes that Australian stories are worth publishing and that you don’t always need the ‘Big Boys’ to get true quality.

They consider non-fiction manuscript proposals on all topics but their special interests are: memoir, family relationships, biographies, humour, health and fitness, lifestyle and psychology.

Bad Apple Press is currently accepting submissions on Thursdays only.


Allen & Unwin – The Friday Pitch

Allen & Unwin is Australia\’s leading independent publisher. They publish around 250 new titles each year including literary and commercial fiction, a broad range of general non-fiction and lifestyle titles and books for children and young adults. 

The Friday Pitch allows writers of all genres to have their work considered by an in-house Submission Editors.


For help writing your book, go to WRITING SPARKS, or for information about the author go to, Emily Brewin.


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