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Writing and Cycling – sweaty work, both!

Well, I finally got around to writing about two great joys in my life – writing and cycling; and how they work together to spark my creative process.

Thanks Margaret River Press for publishing this piece. See extract below or click HERE for the full story.

\’Like cycling, writing is generally [metaphorically] sweaty work, but it’s those fleeting Zen moments that keep me hooked. In sports psychology, these moments are referred to as flow. A rare state some athletes experience of complete absorption, or oneness with their bodies and the task ahead. Similarly, writers experience the zone. The head-space equivalent of a unicorn. A rare and magical place that fools us into thinking we’ve reached writing enlightenment. That all those hours spent painfully extracting words from our psyche and ordering them on a page have finally paid off. That from this point on, writing will be easy. For a few self-delusional moments, everything is heavenly. Then POOF! as soon as we’re aware of the state, it vanishes. Gone, along with visions of grandeur. Leaving only the feeling that to reach it again, we’ll have to keep working.\’ 

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