Work and Testimonials


Emily Brewin is an author,  freelance writer and secondary school teacher based in Melbourne. She has written for a number of print and online publications including Metro, Screen Education and Shine magazines. During her decade-long teaching career she has taught Creative Writing, English, Media Studies and Humanities, as well as English as a Second Language in the TAFE sector.

Please contact Emily via the Contact page if you are interested in any of the following services:

– Primary and secondary school writing workshops (fiction or non-fiction)

– Primary and secondary school presentations about Hello, Goodbye or the writing process

– Workshops for writing groups with a focus on developing writing practice and technique

– Freelance writing and editing

– Mentoring

– Library and bookshop appearances

– Festival appearances


‘Emily presented a warm, honest and engaging workshop ‘Writing for Publication’ as part of the Making it in Moreland program, working with a diverse group of writers who were inspired to actively engage in lively discussions, questions and observations. The digital resources and Writers Tool Kit provided to participants offered a useful extension beyond the workshop for people to follow up and explore further. It was nice to see the seeds for a new Writers Group planted amongst the audience, reflecting Emily’s inspiring presentation. Motivating and accessible, I would recommend Emily as a facilitator and educator and look forward to working with her again!’  

Emma Hutchinson – Arts Officer, Moreland City Council

‘Emily Brewin delivered a very engaging writing workshop at Northcote Library where participants benefited from Emily’s professional manner, tailored workshop resources, and helpful anecdotes. I was impressed by how Emily’s detailed preparation also allowed for the flexibility to respond to the specific questions and backgrounds of individual workshop participants – who all supplied very positive feedback to me about this writing workshop.’

Christian Kuhlmann – Multicultural and Diversity Librarian, Darebin Libraries (Northcote)

‘Great workshop! Very well done and very useful information on the development of character and how to help characters to find their stories.  Emily encouraged this exploration in an excellent manner and the students were highly engaged. I would highly recommend Emily Brewin to anyone that is interested in encouraging students to explore their writing potential.’

Sue Nash-Skinner – Library Leader, Santa Maria College

‘Emily was great! She was very engaging with the students and pitched her workshop at the perfect level for our Prep students. She was highly motivating and connected well with what we were learning in the classroom.’

Lisa Bass – Prep classroom teacher, Bell Primary School

‘She taught us that if you use the word said, you can use other words to make the story more interesting.’

Evie – Prep student, Bell Primary School

‘Emily was a warm and engaging presenter who covered all the basics of fiction writing, from technical matters to practical supports available to writers.  I left the workshop with lots of resources and plenty of inspiration.’

Ully Merkel – Writing workshop participant
‘Emily was the very first event on our ‘Libraries after Dark’ program in November 2017.  She was so engaging, and the audience really appreciated the opportunity to chat to Emily about her book and her writing process.  Her novel resonated with those in the audience who also had family stories about the adoption process in the 60’s and 70’s.  I am thrilled that Emily has become our ‘Writer in Residence’, and look forward to having her on the program again in the future to chat about her upcoming novel.’

Barbara Johnson – Multicultural and Community Programs Librarian, Darebin Libraries (Glenroy)

‘I was a bit nervous before attending Emily’s ‘Fiction Writing Workshop’ because I hadn’t attempted any creative writing for years and years. The last time I tried, YouTube was in its infancy. Luckily for me and for the rest of the workshop attendees, Emily was a warm and encouraging workshop facilitator and I had a lot of fun with her writing prompts. Together, we covered the building blocks of good writing, delving into setting, character, plotting, point-of-view and other such technicalities. She had also compiled a list of resources such as podcasts, websites and writing associations that would be useful in the novice writer’s toolkit. She also suggested that we form our own writing group after this workshop had finished so as to run ideas past other writers, gain valuable feedback and to keep ourselves accountable. So I left the workshop with some new short pieces of writing, a refresher on some technical aspects of storytelling and a nascent writing group with people in my local area. But most importantly, I left with a rekindling of motivation for a craft that I had sadly neglected for too long. Not too bad for a Saturday afternoon’s work. Thanks Emily.’

Thao Ly – Writing workshop participant