The 2018 Heroines anthology is all about reclaiming women's stories - past and present - through short fiction and poetry. 

Just released by niche micro-publisher, The Neo Perennial Press, the anthology compliments the Heroines festival, which runs from the 5th-8th of September 2018 in Wollongong. The festival and the anthology unite women writers from across Australia around the theme, finding our past and imagining our future.

I am thrilled to be a small part of this celebration - my short story, Fairy Tale Endings, features in this year's anthology.

For tickets or for more information on the Heroines festival, go to: https://www.theneoperennialpress.com/festival-tickets/

To order your very own copy of the 2018 Heroines anthology, go to: https://www.theneoperennialpress.com/the-heroines-anthology/





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Join Kate Mildenhall, Ruth Clare and me for a chat about the personal stories behind our novels as well as our paths to publication.

Where: Northcote Library

When: Tuesday the 18th of September from 7-8pm. 

Book online at darebinlibraries.vic.gov.au or call 1300 655 355

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If you're a young writer interested in learning more about your craft, come and be part of Northcote High School's inaugural Young Writers' Summit and book a spot in my workshop.

Join me to learn the essential ingredients of micro, flash and short fiction on Friday September the 7th from 1.30-3.30pm at NHS. 

Contact Rebekah Keenan-Mount on: keenanmount.rebekah.r@edumail.vic.gov.au for more information. Bookings essential!

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I am currently working on the copyedit for my second novel, A NEW DAY, which is due out with Allen and Unwin in February 2019. 

It's an odd experience getting back into the guts of a novel I haven't worked on for a while - terrifying and exhilarating in equal measures. Underlying this, is the knowledge that it will be real book soon and out in the world for all to see.

For now, I focus on the small things, the words and sentences, that will lead me there...


I was reminded on a recent retreat just how important it is to create space and time around my writing. 

Like many other authors, I work in short bursts between caring for my children, doing my day job, maintaining relationships and tending to life in general. Although this process works well, generally it doesn’t allow time to reflect or to truly inhabit my work. 

There are advantages that come from simply being able to contemplate. Often, it’s more words on the page but also new ideas and rich thoughts.

On returning from retreat, I vowed to give my writing brain more time to breathe. To be mindful of creating space in my process for creative thought and, importantly, for imagination.


If you have a burning desire to write a book, this could well be the workshop for you!

Join me at Northcote Library on July 21st from 1-4pm to learn some useful techniques. I'll guide you through writing exercises and will provide you with tips on how to keep going once you're sitting alone at your desk. Lets get inspired together...

For more details or to book your spot, please contact Northcote Library on: 1300 655 355

I look forward to seeing you there!


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I had the great pleasure of being interviewed recently for a brand new podcast. The First Time features Australian writers and industry insiders speaking about the first time they published a book.

The brains behind this baby are Melbourne authors, Kate Mildenhall and Katherine Collette. Each episode of the podcast is jam-packed with interesting insights and personal stories. But you'll have to hold onto your hat for the first one. It's due for release in August this year. For more information see: https://thefirsttimepodcast.com 

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I am thrilled that my short story, Road Trips and Fairy Tales, was short listed and published in this year's Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology.

A HUGE thank you to all those wonderful people involved in its publication. It looks fantastic and is a great collection of short stories from around the globe.

For more information or for a copy, please contact Tangent Books.


Book Review Bliss

I know reviews aren't the be all and end all. That you should ignore the bad ones and try to keep the good ones in perspective. But it's hard to beat the wonderful buzz of validation you feel as an author when a reviewer really likes your book, and tells the world so. When a reviewer or reader sees clearly the messages you set out to convey, the years of hard work and sleepless nights that went into creating them, fade away. 

Amanda Barrett of Mrs B's Book Reviews wrote one such review of my novel Hello, Goodbye recently (see link below). I read it while I was supposed to be working on my third novel. It put a spring in my step and gave me the boost I needed to get back to writing. So, thanks Amanda - you made my day!




Picking Through My Writing Rubble

I'm in the middle of writing the second draft of my third novel. I wrote the first draft in the same stream of consciousness way I wrote my others - head down, brain switched to automatic. I do this based on the best piece of writing advice I ever received, which is to turn the editing part of my brain off while getting a first draft down. It works for me in that it allows ideas to fall freely onto the page. When I look over this draft, however, to prepare for a second, I'm generally astonished at the mess I've made. Needless to say, second drafts, are much harder work for me...

Not all writers write this way. While I start at the beginning and plough on until the bitter end, some writers edit first drafts as they go. Others redraft after each chapter or write piecemeal, developing their key scenes before filling in the gaps. There is no right or wrong way. The writing process is very personal. The key things to remember are not to judge yourself, be willing to make mistakes and keep writing. Writing is like a muscle afterall; the more you use it, practice developing and pulling stories apart, the stronger it gets. 

And so, I try to recall this as I pick through the rubble of words that is my first draft. I've been through it all before, the crushing doubt and frustration, and even the joy at discovering unexpected treasures. I tell myself this is all part of the process, my process. It's imperfect and at times impractical, but it gets the job done in the end.


Meanjin article: What I'm Reading...

When I was asked to write for Meanjin's author series, What I'm Reading, I was slightly intimidated. As an author I should probably be reading all the time. And although I wish I was, it just doesn't happen. I generally manage to squeeze in half an hour every couple of days (if I'm lucky), between working and writing and running around after two small sprogs. Sometimes it takes me weeks to finish a book... 

But then it occurred to me that I am reading regularly. In fact I'm reading constantly, in a slightly erratic fashion, for research. Currently, I'm writing and researching my third novel. It features a piano and I spend many enjoyable hours dipping in and out of piano related books. In the end, these books formed the inspiration for my Meanjin article. Why not take a look...



Meet the Author Event at the fabulous Journal Canteen, CAE

Join me for a discussion about being a first time author and about my writing process, in the Journal Canteen at CAE over wine and cheese. I am interested in the cultural and social changes that occurred in Australia in the 1960s, and the stories that arose from the shift towards more progressive values. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: http://www.cae.edu.au/courses/meet-the-author-series-emily-brewin-presented-by-cae-book-groups-sc/

You’ll also receive a signed copy of my book, Hello, Goodbye.

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Teacher Magazine

Combining teaching and writing in Teacher Magazine (August 2017)

Combining teaching and writing in Teacher Magazine (August 2017)